Best fertilizers, Best service.


AGRO ZÖLD Ltd. established in the aim of trade with high-quality EU products. The firm statement is to provide development, technology, and prosperity using fertilizers while optimizing them for Middle East cultivation needs.


The AGRO ZÖLD is a well-known distributor of (AgroNöve, BioNöve) own branding products in the internation markets . Organic farming special products (BioNöve) purpose is to grow market vegetables using organic, sustainable farming practices to give people safe and healthy food choices.


The core of AGRO ZÖLD Ltd. 

  • Continuous R & D work in global chemical raw materials supply constitute.
  • Innovation, high quality, optimally efficient.
  • Obtain the best of our knowledge and professional help to our distributors.



Our company's mission is to be a technology-driven supplier firmly focused on the needs of the customers we serve. Excellence in sustainable agriculture, food, plant nutrition and also Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.