Welcome to the webpage of AGRO ZOLD –new green life company

 AGRO ZOLD –new green life is in independent ownership,  an  international trader company and global supplier  of specialty fertilizer products and distribution of plant nutrition products
The story of our company started in Hungary in 2013, Since then the company developed into a global player based on its core competence in specialty fertilizer technology


Since AGRO ZOLD –new green life has funded the company has the effort to provide farmers with the highest quality product and also focusing to not just be a product producer and in fact, our company strategy is to be a technology-driven company firmly focused on the needs of the customers we serve

 We offer continuous research and product development and an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of service, Thanks to these  efforts, farmers have benefited from our high-quality products

  Feel free to contact us.We will be glad to hear from you
 Welcome to AGRO ZOLD -new green  life 


Core values


Safety and Health
Respect for People
Highest Ethical Behavior
Team Spirit



To be a leading and vibrant center of excellence in sustainable agriculture, food, plant nutrition and also Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment