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New product registration in Iran- AGRONOVE CALCIUM

We are proud to announce that another of our liquid fertilizer products has been registered by our exclusive .agent in Iran RRS  :














Agro Novest calcium


The importance of the product


Agro Novest Calcium is a liquid EC foliar fertilizer solution enriched in a form and proportion that is ideal for plants. It can be used as nutrient supply in a number of crops, alone or in combination with other plant protection treatments, after conducting a preliminary mixing test. Calcium-containing products usually cannot be mixed or can be mixed with other products (in particular, products with low pH value) only with difficulty. It should not be mixed with products containing phosphates or sulfates. The miscibility of liquid agents can be checked if we dissolve 1-2 drops of each in a little water. It is not allowed to mix agents if solid particles form in the liquid. It is recommended to apply the mixture from the tank as soon as possible. It is not advisable to mix more than three agents