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Publish Date :1398/06/12 - 16:11
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New product registration in Iran-Bionove Zink

We are proud to announce that another of our liquid fertilizer products has been registered by our exclusive .agent in Iran RRS  :









Bio Novest Zink

Certified for use in organic farming According to Council Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 and No.889/2009


Product significance

Zinc is an essential microelement for plants. Upon failure to supplement zinc deficiency, besides damaging the vegetative organs, the development of generative organs is also disturbed via influencing the cell division. Zinc can be found in the soil in a form that is rather difficult to take up; in the case of overdosage of phosphorus and calcium, the availability is deteriorated. Zinc deficiency may develop in sandy, alkaline, cold, droughty or too wet soils. Zinc deficiency is mostly expected in calcareous soils arising due to the overdosed phosphorus-generated controversial impact. Zinc deficiency is the most wide-spread micro-element deficiency which may cause up to 20% loss in a crop, before the detection of any signs of the deficiency.  Maize, flax, bean, sugar beet, potato, tomato, and alfalfa react by significant or medium crop losses to zinc deficiency