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New company product for Iranian market


AgroNove Calcium






Guaranteed Nutrients(W/W)
Nitrogen (N), from which nitrate
Calcium (Ca, nitrate)
Calcium oxide (CaO)






The importance of the product

Because calcium is needed by crops in great supply and because calcium is the trucker of all nutrients in the plant, it is crucial that your crop gets enough calcium in order to promote optimal health and production. AgroNove Calcium liquid EC foliar fertilizer have the right ratio between the elements that is ideal for plants. The principle of fertilizers mixture is the same as when preparing a fertigation solution: fertilizers that are not mutually compatible should be avoided from being mixed in one tank. The rule is that neither phosphoric nor sulfate fertilizers should be mixed with calcium or magnesium fertilizers in the same tank. A jar test should be performed to ensure compatibility when mixing with any other material. When combining with other chemicals, dilute first and then, add AgroNove Calcium to the tank last. It is recommended to use the mixture  from the tank as soon as possible.


Field application

It is recommended to use this product in a concentration of 0.5-2% when used as foliar fertilization or in 0.1-0.5% as nutrient solution, based on expert advice, depending on the needs and phonological stage of the plants. Boron facilitates the absorption of calcium into the crops so add boron to AgroNove Calcium for an enhanced effect on calcium uptake. Has been formulated for use on all crops. It can be applied through standard ground or aerial application equipment. Do no per-mix or store AgroNove Calcium in diluted form, and use promptly once opened. All foliar sprays perform best when are applied early morning or late afternoon.


Precautions and Liability

We recommend reading carefully and following the instructions for use. The data and the procedures listed in the product description have the aim exclusively for consultation purposes. A series of factors that cannot be under the control of manufacturer such as weather conditions, storage and conditions of use should influence the efficiency of the product, and, therefore, the manufacturer is not responsible for any damages resulting from such circumstances.

It should be avoid dripping, leakage or accidental swallowing of the concentrated product. Thorough hand washing is required after finishing work. It must do not discard the product, its unused residues or packaging into rivers or still waters.


Shelf life

Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Crystallization or sedimentation may occur below 5°C. Shake or stir before use. Agitate well in spray tank. Shelf life: 2 years in original unopened packing.