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Agro Novest Bor

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Agro Novest Bor

Agro Novest Bor is a balanced highly-concentrated liquid Boron deficiency preventer and corrector which is Chlorine and Natrium free


The importance of the product

Agro Novest Bor is a liquid EC fertilizer enriched with those micronutrients that are the most important for plants. It is recommended for a nutrient supply of many cultivated plants, simultaneously with fungicide or other plant protecting treatments

Boron is an essential micronutrient, playing a fundamental role in nutrient uptake of plants, transport and accumulation of carbohydrates and other assimilates formation of root and transport tissues, sprouting and production of flowers and fruits

Agro Novest Bor is suitable for use with all boron needing crops  like pistachio, nuts, almond, stone fruit, tropical fruit tree, apple, garlic, pomegranate, horticultural crops, legumes, ornamental plants, cereals, sunflower, soybean, grape, potato, sugar beet, cucurbit

Agro Novest Bor dose does not block the nozzles of the irrigation systems or spraying equipment, it can be applied both via drip irrigation systems as well as foliar applications during all growth stages.

Application and Rate

Foliar application: 150-300 cm3/hl, 3-4 applications; any time during the growing period every 14 days excluded flowering

Fertigation: 3-4 L/ha, 3-4 application on foliar plants, apply the first treatment during the plant has 4-6 leaves; 4-8 L/ha on fruits trees, apply both in spring and summer, and repeat it during the first two-thirds of the crop. In rice, a foliar treatment may be preferable to a soil treatment alone.



The product can be mix with most of the herbicides and crop-enhancing products, but in every case, we strongly recommend a mixing test before dispensing it   together with other foliar fertilizers or plant protection products.

Pay attention to water pH and hardness

Keep out of the reach of children

Store preferably between 5 and 35 0c

Keep the product in the original container until


Shelf life
2years in original, unopened packing in a dry, cool, and frost-free guaranteed storage room



1litre, 20 liter


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