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Agro Novest Sulfur Extra

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Agro Novest  Sulfur Extra

After N-P-K, sulfur is the 4th most common key component in plant tissues, a building block of proteins that is present in some essential amino acids and vitamins. As a component of proteins, it plays a direct role in ensuring unhindered growth and is an essential nutrient. It increases root growth and thus the resistance to the frost of healthy plants. The effect of the sulfur cannot be replaced by any other nutrient


The importance of the product

Agro Novest  Sulfur Extra is a real liquid EC foliar fertilizer solution enriched with magnesium that is very important for the plants. It can be used as nutrient supply in a number of crops, alone or in combination with other plant protection treatments


Application and Rate

To be used in a concentration of 0.5-2% and 0.1-0.5% usually when used as foliar fertilizer and nutrient solution, respectively




The product can be mix with most of the herbicides and crop-enhancing products, but in every case, we strongly recommend a mixing test before dispensing it together with other foliar fertilizers or plant protection products

Pay attention to water pH and hardness

Keep out of the reach of children

Store preferably between 5 and 35 0c

Keep the product in the original container until application


Shelf life

2 years in original, unopened packing in a dry, cool, and frost-free guaranteed storage room



1litre, 20 liter

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