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Agro Novest Iron

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Agro Novest  Iron

For plants, iron is an electron transporting agent, which plays an important role as the catalyst of chlorophyll synthesis. It is indispensable in breathing and protein synthesis processes. Iron is an indispensable micro-nutrient in plant breathing, metabolism, photosynthesis, as well as in protein generating processes


The importance of the product

Agro Novest Iron  Iron is a liquid EC foliar fertilizer, enriched with magnesium, important for the plants. It can be used to supplement the nutrients of a great number of cultivated plants, by itself or concomitantly with other plant protection treatments. It can be used for: Supplementing iron shortfall of plants in every culture. Plants species prone to iron deficiency: grape, fruit, soy, bell peppers, ornamental plants. Iron deficiency is characterized by the yellowing of the leaf tips, presenting the symptoms of “iron chlorosis


Application and Rate

In case of fertigation 10-30 l/ha, i.e. 1-3 ml/m² of Agro Novest  Iron fertilizer should be dispensed, in a maximum concentration of 10%!



The product can be mix with most of the herbicides and crop-enhancing products, but in every case, we strongly recommend a mixing test before dispensing it together with other foliar fertilizers or plant protection products

Pay attention to water pH and hardness

Keep out of the reach of children

Store preferably between 5 and 35 0c

Keep the product in the original container until application


Shelf life

2years in original, unopened packing in a dry, cool, and frost-free guaranteed storage room



1litre, 20 liter

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