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Bio Novest Molybdenum

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Bio Novest Molybdenum

Certified for use in organic farming According to Council Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 and No.889/2009


Product significance

The presence of molybdenum is essential for the utilization of nitrogen and it also supports the uptake of phosphorus. It is extremely important for the Papillonaceae, sunflower, rape, sugar beet, maize, Brassicaceae, onion, tomato, root vegetables, cereals. In the absence of molybdenum, plants are unable to utilize the nitrogen accumulated in the leaves during the protein synthesis. In this case, symptoms are similar to nitrogen deficiency, as nitrogen is accumulated in the plant without being utilized. As a result of the molybdenum deficiency the young leaves turn yellow, the old leaves fall off, rosette disease symptoms complex is detected, the leaf itself is not growing, only the leafstalk is growing and the development of the fruit is also delayed

Application and Rate

Exclusively based on professional advice, avoid overdosage of the product. In general, in order to improve the molybdenum supply of field and horticultural plants use a concentration of  0.3 to 0.6%; in small gardens, 3 to 6 ml concentrated product/1 liter water or 30 to 60 ml /two to four tablespoons of/ concentrated product/10 liter water



Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
Keep out of the reach of children
We strongly recommend a mixing test before dispensing it together with other foliar fertilizers or plant protection products

In order to ensure the best efficiency, it is recommended to perform the treatments in cloudy periods, early mornings or late afternoons

Avoid treatments in sunny periods with temperatures above 250 C

Reusing of the emptied and cleaned containers is forbidden


Shelf life

2 years in original, unopened packing in a dry, cool, and frost-free guaranteed storage room



1litre, 20 liter

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