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Bio Novest Bor

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Bio Novest Boron

Certified for use in organic farming  According to Council Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 and No.889/2009

Product significance


Boron is an essential micro-element, which plays a basic role in the nutrient uptake of plants, in the transport and accumulation of carbohydrates and other assimilates, in germination, in the establishment of root and conductive tissues, in the development of shoot apices and also in flowering and fruiting. Boron participates in the development of the shoot apices, plays an important role in the fertilization of flowers, in seedling and in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Boron is indispensable in the nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism and in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins.

Boron, together with calcium plays a significant role in the establishment of cell walls, in the growth of plant tissues and in the regulation of plant hormones.

Plants are able to take boron up from the soil in the form of boracic acid and/or in the form of borates. But as these forms move slowly in the plant tissues, the symptoms of deficiency are mainly appearing on the shoot apices, usually in the fertilization period. In the period prior to shooting formation and fertilization, it is essential that plants are supplied with the required foliar boron quantity, thus we apply boron directly to the place where it is utilized the most efficiently


Application and Rate

Exclusively based on professional advice, avoid overdosage of the product. In field and horticultural crops, fruit production use 1 to 4 l/ha, in accordance with the specific requirement and phenological phase of the given plant, for foliar fertilization of sugar beet, sunflower, rape, and mustard also possible together with other plant protection treatment. For foliar application 0.5-1.5%; in small gardens, 5 to 15 ml concentrated product/1 liter water or 50 to 150 ml concentrated product/10 liter water; for nutrient solutions a concentration of 0.1 to 0.5%; in small gardens, 1 to 5 ml concentrated product/1 litre water or 10 to 50 ml concentrated product/10 litre water.



Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection

Keep out of the reach of children

We strongly recommend a mixing test before dispensing it together with other foliar fertilizers or plant protection products

In order to ensure the best efficiency, it is recommended to perform the treatments in cloudy periods, early mornings or late afternoons

Avoid treatments in sunny periods with temperatures above 250 C

Reusing of the emptied and cleaned containers is forbidden


Shelf life

2years in original, unopened packing in a dry, cool, and frost-free guaranteed storage room



1litre, 20 liter  

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