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The presence of molybdenum is essential for nitrogen-availability; in its absence, a portion of the nitrogen is lost, and not utilized by the plant. NitroMol contains molybdenum in optimum proportions for the utilization of nitrogen

Suggested applications

In the spring, application of 50-100 l/ha of NitroMol complete with the necessary amount of water, with a large-drop application, and working into the soil before sowing. Application and the actual utilization of nitrogen at end of winter are crucial
It can be used as necessary in combination with 2 l/ha of Agro Novest sulfur  Extra in order to make up for magnesium and sulfur deficiency or with 2 l/ha of Agro Novest Zink for zinc deficiency, or with 2 l/ha of Agro Novest Phosphorous for phosphorous deficiency

It can be mixed with the most pesticides and crop-enhancing products, but it is recommended to perform a preliminary mixing test in each case due to changing circumstances
Pay attention to water pH and hardness
Keep out of the reach of children

Shelf life
2years in original sealed containers, when stored in a covered, dry, cool – and absolutely frost-free –  place

1litre, 20 liter
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